AB InBev e o Ratebeer

13 Junho, 2017

Na passado dia 2, o website agregador de criticas de cerveja “Ratebeer”, anunciou que vendeu uma posição minoritária à ZX Ventures, uma divisão da AB InBev, como forma de crescer o site tecnicamente.

Como não seria de esperar, a reacção da comunidade cervejeira fez-se logo sentir, com Sam Calagione da Dogfish Head a exigir a retirada imediata das analises das suas cervejas, colocadas pelos utilizadores do Ratebeer.

Como resposta às criticas, Joseph Tucker emitiu o seguinte comunicado:

1.   Why did you do this?

A: As most of the community knows, I’d been trying for years to find a solution in order to keep up with all the work involved with running a global website. We weighed a number of different solutions and talked to a variety of potential investors.

2. Why ZX Ventures?

A: I believed a partnership with ZX Ventures was the right move for RateBeer, as we share many passion points. I appreciated ZX was a tech savvy company, and one that could provide me with assistance for our coding and development needs. ZX understood my mission for growth, and sees the potential in giving RateBeer more of a global footprint.

Having access to AB InBev’s resources, expertise and experience also provides RateBeer with the long term stability I was looking for.

3. Is our personal information unsafe? Will AB InBev have access to it?

No one will have access to your personal information, which is exclusively by RateBeer and is never shared with other entities.

4. Is it possible for AB InBev to change the scores of their beers?

No. The power of RateBeer’s authority lies in our crowd-sourced scores, and we’ve done nothing to change that. Our ratings are available for public viewing through the web site and we’ve implemented an additional measure so that other brewers, industry watchers, journalists and others can view cumulative scores and ratings on a regular basis.

5. Can brewers request their brewery to be delisted?

RateBeer lists user-submitted content. If users submit any material that is protected by copyright, any copyright holder can request removal. Instructions for this are in are in our Terms of Use document here:

6. Can users close their account?

We honor all requests to remove all personally identifiable information from our servers and can anonymize reviews and other submitted content. Instructions for this are here:

7. Why did you wait so long to tell us?

This was just a minority investment, and we wanted to take the time to really dig in and get to work. There was nothing more I wanted then to start utilizing my new tools and resources to begin improving the site.

8. Does AB InBev have access to all our data?

Through our open API, RateBeer is offering the same access to data that AB InBev will have. As mentioned, no personally identifiable information will be available to any API user, including AB InBev.

Other brewers, journalists, researchers, scholars, app builders, members of the community, etc. are welcome to apply for API access here:

9. What is the benefit to AB InBev?

ZX gains access to insights around consumer trends, a better understanding of the beer consumer and beer markets around the world, which enables them to keep a finger on the pulse.

They believe RateBeer is the tool to help beer drinkers best navigate the sometimes overwhelming beer market, better informing them of all the beer selections so they can make the best choice for their tastes.

10. Are ZX Ventures employees working on the site now? Are they touching content?

We’ve received a lot of great help from the tech team and designers at ZX Ventures to upgrade our platform, improve stability and performance, finish our mobile responsiveness initiative, and to develop our first in-house mobile app (launching soon).

É óbvio que a participação num site de criticas por parte de um grande conglomerado é preocupante do ponto de vista de independência e isenção, mas por outro lado é compreensível dada a absurda quantidade de informação disponível na base de dados do Ratebeer que poderá vir a ser útil para as cervejas da AB InBev.

Veremos como a situação se desenvolve nos próximos tempos, tendo em conta que o Ratebeer tem-se estabelecido ao longo dos anos como uma plataforma utilizada por milhares de pessoas, não só para critica de cervejas mas também para avaliações de bares, divulgação de eventos, novos lançamentos, etc.

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