True Craft – A Alternativa a Vender aos Gigantes da Cerveja

3 Maio, 2016

A Stone Brewing Co. anunciou recentemente, pela voz do seu fundador Greg Koch o projecto True Craft.

Esta iniciativa pretende ser uma alternativa à venda de participações de pequenas cervejarias aos gigantes da indústria. Greg Koch e Steve Wagner, co-fundador da Stone Brewing Co., criaram uma plataforma onde investidores e cervejarias se podem encontrar, e onde as cervejarias podem vender pequenas participações, sem direitos de gestão, aos investidores em troca de fundos para crescer. Assim, as pequenas cervejarias teriam acesso a financiamento durante as suas fases de expansão, sem nunca perderem o controlo e a independência do seu negócio.

Deixamos aqui também o comunicado à imprensa na íntegra.

ESCONDIDO, CA – Today Stone Brewing announces True Craft, a company established to invest in craft breweries which are dedicated to remaining true to the definition of craft beer. Representing camaraderie in the industry, True Craft will make minority investments in craft brewers while allowing those breweries to retain their independent soul and control.

“Some people start companies to sell out. Some start companies because they are compelled to follow their passion. True Craft is for the latter,” said Greg Koch, Stone CEO & co-founder. “Craft beer needs an alternative model to the one that requires founders to sell their company in its entirety. In a world in which there are constant forces toward homogenization and fitting in, I specifically want to foster a world of uniqueness, depth and character.”

Outspoken about their commitment not to sell out to Big Beer, the co-founders of Stone have been investigating an alternative that would provide financing and operational guidance to small brewers who might otherwise have few options to protect the passion, heart and soul of their company. A year and a half in the making, Stone will be participating in True Craft as a founding member. The new venture has received an initial $100,000,000 brought forth from an investor group committed to the long term model. True Craft will welcome a handful of the best craft brewers in the business alongside Stone Brewing. Each brewery may participate in True Craft and in turn the company will provide minority investments to its members with minimal stipulations. All breweries will be aligned in the philosophical mindset of banding together to preserve craft while retaining full soul and control of their businesses for years to come.

“This is about setting up a consortium so we can not just survive, but continue to thrive in a world in which craft is being co-opted by Big Beer,” said Steve Wagner, Stone President & co-founder. “This allows companies like Stone to follow an ethos that involves independence and passion for the artisanal. By investing in True Craft now, we can be confident that our vision is locked in beyond our professional lifetimes and we feel privileged to help others in our industry do the same.”

True Craft’s detailed structure is still in formation and will be announced at a later date.


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